Erika Jordan vs. Cali Logan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1472-02/ Time: 27 Minutes / 639 MB


Payback, Erika Jordan is seeking revenge from Cali Logan for beating up her girlfriend – she is going to make Cali pay the medical bills.  We see both babes on the phone telling their side of the story, then we see Erika meet Cali in the hall and wail on her, Erika proceeds to go in and find some jewelry of Cali’s to pay the medical bills but Cali catches her before she can leave and we now have two very angry ladies and both looking for a fight.  And what a wild crazy fight it is with lots of savage hair pulling, gut and face slugs, kicks, breast destruction and so back and forth you will never know who is going to win.  So sexy as even when they rip off all their other clothes they keep on the heels, stockings and garter belts, one girl even makes the other kiss her sexy heels.  These are two fan favorite ladies and you will know why when you watch this payback vengeance video !!!!!!