Cali Logan vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Catfight Match

DT-1474-02/ Time: 22 Minutes / 500 MB


Cali Logan, we so love her… no one can ever take her place.  But rumor has it that many are seeing Milana Ricci as the next Cali Logan and this has not escaped Cali so she has requested a match with this Cali imposter.  Not only does the sexy sleek beauty give us some sultry poses but she takes requests that have been mailed in as to what she should do to this wanna be.  Milana shows up and the fight begins, Cali uses her experience to gain control then rip the top off luscious Milana so she can ravage her jutting petit breasts and then slap the hell out of her.  Cali is just getting started, next it’s to the corner for head slams and more head snapping slaps.  Cali now readies for more destruction when Milana turns the tables, now she is in control and boy does she love going after Cali’s inviting breasts, she returns the slaps in spades even adding hard gut shots… we now have a real fight. Both babes giving and getting all they can handle, with more slaps than you will ever see, also great gut slugs, chokes, holds, rope strangling and tie ups.  Is there only one Cali Logan or is there a new Cali on the block !!!!!!