Star 9 vs. Christina Carter


DT-1464-03/ Time: 25 Minutes / 583 MB


Star 9 is a slender young boxer. She has been working her way up DT’s boxing rankings for years now and is hungry for a shot at the title. Finally her title match shows up in the form of Christina Carter, a dominant and powerful heavyweight champion. The cameraman asks Star 9 if she is ready to take on a legitimate heavy weight champion like Christina Carter. Star is almost offended by the question. She can’t wait to take out a legend like Ms. Carter. Christina is not happy with Star’s lack of respect. She snarls as she takes her championship belt off and hangs it over the turnbuckle. The women take a few moments to stretch in their corners. Both women make sure they are thoroughly warmed up for this championship bought. Star wears a red thong and red boxing gloves. Christina wears a black thong and red gloves. Star has perky little tits that are nearly eclipsed by Christina’s large breasts as the women meet in the center of the ring. The pugilists trade a few jabs as they feel one another out. Quickly it becomes clear that Christina’s power is going to be a problem for Star. Christina lands thunderous body shots to Star’s small waist that send her doubling over. Christina uses every dirty veteran’s trick in the book. For example, she bear hugs Star while they are in the clinch. This saps Star’s energy. Star shows resilience and fights back with combinations that send Christina to the mat. Will this perky blonde be able to take down a DT powerhouse? You have to watch to find out.