Alessandra Amore vs. Akira May

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Wrestling Holds Match

DT-1464-02  / Time: 22 Minutes / 519 MB

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Oh those Euro girls, always fit and always naked! But first we see them in their tight shorts and tops, as they stretch and get loose. Then we watch as they slowly strip till naked.  What athletic bodies Alessandra and Akira have. Now don’t mix up this Akira with our Asian Akira. This sleek beauty is a gorgeous blonde, and she is going to show the new girl some painful wrestling holds.  Each hold is applied till we get a submission; abdominal stretch, body scissors, arm bar, suspended bear hug, bow and arrow, leg splitter, and figure four leg lock, all done with enough pain till each beauty screams out her submission.  Ok not a lot of intense wrestling, but sometimes just watching sleek feminine figures intertwined in combative wrestling holds that have their amazing bodies squirm and writhe in pain is enough. I do mean amazing bodies, there is not an ounce of fat on these babes and no silicone either — these are all natural, young babes.  Something about seeing a newbie get her first taste of pain and then her first taste of dominant control… you can almost feel the pain and joy as firm figures get stretched and squeezed to the breaking point.  How are there so many natural young beauties over there, and how are we so lucky to get to see them in action !!!!!