Prinzzess vs. Karlie


DT-1462-02  / Time: 22 Minutes / 540


Prinzzess has curly blonde locks. She stretches in her bikini. Karlie Montana stands on the other side of the ring in a red bikini. Karlie looks unimpressed by Prinzzess. She saunters over to Prinzzess’s corner and the two fighters start to compare one another’s abs. Prinzzess says her tight tummy is way stronger than Karlie’s. They start trading gut shots. Prinzzess sends a devastating right hook into Karlie’s oblique that crumbles her. Prinzzess starts dropping hammer fists on Karlie’s already quivering stomach. Karlie heaves a guttural grunt with every blow. Karlie eventually gets back to her feet. She sends a combination of body shots back at Prinzzess. However, Prinzzess seems unfazed. Karlie is terrified to learn that Prinzzess might really be as strong as she claims. With a stroke of evil genius, Karlie throws her last punch higher than normal, right into Prinzzess’s solar plexus. Prinzzess drops to the mat. She is stunned and can’t breathe. Her body fights for air. Karlie laughs long and hard before putting Prinzzess through a long core tenderizing session. Karlie removes her top as well as Prinzzess’s. Both girls have perky little tits that jig