Karlie Montana vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Catfight Match

DT-1466-01/ Time: 22 Minutes / 509 MB


We are in some bad times these days, yes Covid has taken over in everything we do so when Christina Carter comes rushing in accusing Karlie Montana of giving her boyfriend the virus we know there is going to be trouble.  Both ladies are topless and both have their masks on but as Karlie approaches her she takes off her mask and Christina is scared she will also get sick from her so Karlie pulls down her mask and chases Christina out to the ring where we are treated to one hell of a Covid war.  Yes in the ring these topless wonders go hard and Karlie strives hard to pull down Christina’s mask.  Eventually she gets her mask down making the buxom babe go crazy and now the war gets really crazy.  Both masks down and both ladies are going for blood but Christina is bigger, stronger and just loves pinning Karlie in the corner smashing her large breasts in her face, pressing hard smothering poor Karlie.  Karlie rides Christina as she jumps on her back and goes for a choke, but Christina’s anger starts to overcome as she rams both legs into Karlie’s pussy in a killer stretch – this is just one of sooo many fun and bizarre holds of destruction.  We know everyone is sick of Covid but watching it from this angle will give everyone a new outlook on this horrible virus — you may even find there’s some great entertainment in this virus !!!!!!