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Match 1 -Wild, wild women, oh do we love the wild ones and these two are definitely wild ones: Sadie Holmes and Karlie Montana – these two young hard bodies go wild on each other. We so miss Sadie, she is one fun girl and add that super hard body Karlie and we have one fun fight. Three minutes and they are both topless and into one fabulous scissors where we get a good look at their sleek bodies as they writhe in pain. Many of the same moves but these ladies put them on with such vigor, the kicks strike with more force and the rolling is more intense. That camel clutch is bent so far back and that figure four leg lock is wildly beautiful. These two young hard bodies are everything we want in wild women and oh do we love wild women !!!!

Match 2 -Busty babes doing some real wrestling, but first they have to have a busty battle; which set of tits can push the other across the ring? JC Marie and Paris Kennedy are the busty babes who slam their breast flesh till one rides the other to the ropes, watch as this beautiful flesh is pressed to the limit. Finally we have a breast winner and are ready for a multi fall match, topless and ready to fight they lock up and are soon into a super battle. Lots of great corner action with gut slugs and of course lots of great breast gouging, but what makes this one different is that these two resort to some great body slams, ok they aren’t so pro technical but they do slam these beautiful bodies down hard, shaking those fabulous breasts. Not just lots of body slams but airplane spins, oh does Paris love spinning the busty blonde up high and JC is so dizzy she is easy prey. Face sits aren’t just face sits but sessions with gut slams and breast gouging. Breasts, guts, slams and pins and all with two super sexy busty babes !!!!

Match 3Eva Lovia vs. Frankie Zapatelli, this can’t be a fight , how can this beautiful young newcomer have any chance against this gorgeous veteran. It’s ten falls and Frankie is so ready for this, she wants to destroy this curvaceous little brown cuttie, but wait what’s this, Eva is so quick she puts a revers bear hug on the sexy brunette, Frankie’s breasts are busting through her tiny bikini as sultry Eva squeezes to destruction, then she drops her and mounts her back stretching her arms till Frankie gives and then is forced to crawl to the board where she has to mark down her defeat. This is just the beginning, and the only thing little Eva loses is her top, what a beauty she is, so the cute girl next door with her winning smile and sexy figure, but little by little she becomes the domineering mistress as she keeps defeating poor Frankie, more and more she demeans her as she makes her say who is the best. See the innocent one become the dominant one and see the dominant one become the dominated destroyed one. Sexy ladies trading places, with lots of great holds of pain !!!!!


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