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Match 1 -This match begins with Tylene Buck and Miko Sinz already topless and a little sweaty. They are shit talking each other about who will win the upcoming match, a multi-fall submission match. There is a score board in the corner of the ring and after each fall, the loser must add a point to the winner’s score. As if that isn’t embarrassing enough, this match is completely one-sided. This video is full of humiliation and long and drawn out punishment. Expect to see hammer locks and tons of smack talk as one of these girls wipes the floor with the other. Will it be the young and petite Asian or the voluptuous veteran who takes absolute control of this match? You are definitely going to want to find out.

Match 2Eva Lovia is a real newcomer to DT and today she is looking for a little bit of submission training from the very dangerous Celeste Star. Celeste is a great teacher and takes Eva through multiple submission holds in a caring and step-by-step manner. However, in the middle of a figure four leg lock tutorial Eva begins to actually fight Celeste. What a dirty and disrespectful move. Celeste is pissed and boy does she teach Eva a lesson. She beats, stretches, and chokes the hell of her ungrateful pupil. The best part is when she inflicts a mean figure four leg lock on Eva, the very same move that Eva used against her.

Match 3 -Today Karlie Montana and Sadie Holmes are competing for a modeling gig on the cover of a very prominent fitness magazine. This is really an amazing match up. These girls have very similar body types, age, and attitude. They are both tight bodied with great perky tits, young, and both have feisty personalities and fighting styles. This multi-fall submission match is very competitive, it is obvious that these girls really want that cover girl spot. The screams are loud, the sweat is flowing, and the pain in tremendous. There are some great holds in this match, but by far the most impressive is a perfectly executed Mexican ceiling hold. So get ready for a beautiful fight.


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