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Match 1 -I hear it, I hear it, like music to my ears that unmistakable Capri Cavanni groan, yes it’s the luscious sexy Capri, with her the fabulous Celeste Star, now Capri may be known for her sexy groan but Celeste is known for her tough attitude. They both deliver with their trade marks, capri’s motor gets purring when she is put in a bow and arrow – she makes pain so sexy, not just her groaning but while in the hold her free leg goes on point like a ballerina as it shoots to the sky. Now it’s Capri’s turn to deliver pain as she gets Celeste in a camel clutch, then her own bow and arrow, Celeste’s sleek perfect legs get bent to the limit. Back and forth these two beauties go, moaning and grimacing, their tops come off as the warriors continue with scissors, chokes, clothes lines, corner beat downs and lots more great sexy action that is all music to your ears !!!!

Match 2 -Don’t ask me why but JC Marie got it the ring with Afrika, yes that Afrika, one of the biggest and baddest wrestlers around and to everyones surprise she did quite well in the beginning, got some good punches in both to the gut and hard shots to the strong ones face, but alas this only makes the mean one meaner. Eventually she starts her destruction and it covers the whole of the blondes unbelievable body, around her slim waist she applies bear hugs and scissors, to her neck she applies chokes and scissors, her back gets broken over her knee and ridden like a pony, her breasts are battered and squeezed, her amazing ass is spanked and kicked – even her toes get stepped on, yes this is an all over body attack from one of the roughest, to one of the sexiest. Afrika so loves her work, destroying beauty is her game and she plays it so well, especially when she has so much beauty to work with!!!!

Match 3Star 9 takes on the spider woman, who sounds a lot like Hollywood as she rushes Star 9, a grueling test of strength ensues and it eventually turns into a long bear hug. They both get their turns at lots of great bear hugs, front and back, even some with legs around the waist. Also tons of great scissors as Star 9 wraps her long lean legs around the spider’s skinny waist and makes her squeal in pain, she also uses those strong legs to squeeze her neck in a figure four. But don’t think the costumed one doesn’t get her shots in, she works on Star’s gut up against the wall, she pounds her rock hard abs till she can secure her own bear hug from hell. A great grape vine sets up the ending as the long legs of both these warriors are stretched to the limit. It is so sexy to see a tall drink of water in a tight fitting black costume, almost as stunning as seeing Star 9 in her black leggings and bra. A sexy duo with super bear hugs and oh so much more!!!!


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