Saya Song vs Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Squish Match

DT-1451-02  / Time: 42 Minutes / Size: 979

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Oh baby, you better sign those divorce papers or… Saya Song is the cutest petit Asian and Kianna Dior is the most robust of Asians, so when Kianna demands that Saya sign the papers so Kianna can marry her husband she should do it. Saya decides not to sign and soon finds the biggest set of breasts planted on her erect nipples, not just the breasts but Kianna’s whole body and this is just the beginning of one hell of a squish match that finds Kianna smashing this fun size little Asian – I mean bad enough with those monster tits engulfing her modest breasts but then Kianna plants her ample ass on Saya’s chest while she uses her breasts to smother that gorgeous face. All her weight bouncing up and down on the minute beauty and from so many different positions, at times we can barely see Saya as Kianna’s voluptuous body engulfs her and this is all on the bed but eventually Kianna dog walks her pet to the other room where she can use the couch and floor for even more — sitting and lying on every part of poor Saya and if that wasn’t enough she squeezes her with legs and hands and if that wasn’t enough she suffocates her with breasts and butt. Sign those papers or you’re going to get the beauty squished out of you !!!!!!