Capri Cavanni & Kristie Etzold

HD DOWNLOADABLE Domination Match (one topless in the end)

DT-1446-02  / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 516


Jungle girl in her sooo sexy leather bikini, Capri Cavanni and we see her as she jumps on Kristie Etzold’s back while the big babe is stretching, a tight choke is secured and our big bruiser seems to be in trouble but alas she forces her way out and now Jungle Girl is faced with one angry destroyer. Soon our sleek beauty finds herself over Kristie’s back with that robust butt being slapped as her shapely legs kick wildly — this is just the beginning of one hell of a devastating rampage with Capri on the receiving end of it all. So many lifts and so varied, I especially love when Kristie turns her upside-down as her legs shoot to the sky, then she stretches Jungle Girl with feet in her back. Of course she has all the great scissors and chokes but always back to those great lifts and carries and of course a few body slams. But Jungle Girl uses her sweet breasts as weapons to smother this big meanie, what a way to go — but does she go? A lift and carry match that will lift your spirts and carry you away !!!!!!