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Match 1Randy Moore is relaxing in her nicest party dress when JC Marie prances in looking to start shit. Randy is more than ready to reciprocate and quickly the argument comes to blows. The alluring blondes instantly wiggle their tight dresses up above their asses. Let me tell you, the butts are worth the price of admission alone for this catfight. Watching these ladies roll on the floor together, loose their tops, and spank each other is a once in a lifetime opportunity, Figure out whatever it is around your house you can sell in order to raise the money to purchase this digital ode to beauty.

Match 2Aleska Diamond is an attractive newbie looking to take down the European DT Champion Jenni Czeck. There is one problem, the ladies showed up wearing almost the exact same outfit. Of course, this leads to both beauties trying to rip the outfit off of one another. Their stubbornness really makes the fight one to remember. Neither one of the combatants will submit to their opponent’s hair pulling, punches, or holds. Eventually, the exhausted girls are wearing nothing but panties and straddle each other like drunken college girls. So relax and enjoy the show. It is not everyday that you get to watch two European models fight ’till they drop.

Match 3Erika Jordan and Capri Cavanni are dressed in tank tops, heels, and itty bitty thongs. The ladies start off with a breast contest that sends them flying into the corners. They soon decide on a wet but contest that consists of them giggling and smashing their wet booties into one another. It isn’t very long before they are topless and rolling around on the infamous blue DT wrestling ring. You will watch in utter glee as these priceless works of art pour cups of water on each other. Please ready yourself for the beauty that you are about to see or else you may overload and never go soft again!


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