Christina Carter vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing and Catfighting Match

DT-1451-01  / Time: 25 Minutes / Size: 596


We have heard the clamor for more boxing, yes DT boxing has become very popular, especially when we have two big hard hitting babes like Christina Carter and Skylar Rene but these babes aren’t just giving you great boxing also a muscle testing round of arm wrestling and then to cap it all off two wild rounds of catfighting – that’s right all in this one great match and they are doing it all to impress their boyfriend. The boxing starts us off and with these girls nothing is off limits, low blows are valued and breasts are just more inviting targets, hell they even go to their knees to throw harder low blows and uppercuts to the tits – of course always great gut shots and head shots that take each lady to the canvas. It’s boxing the way only big beauties can do it, their bodies slam together in sustained clinches when the blows become too much, hell even when these girls rest it’s a treat as we see them in their corners getting sponged, the water rolling slowly across their bountiful curves. Then when they are good and sweaty they have two rounds of savage catfighting to see who gets Guido and what a lucky guy he is. To add insult to injury the loser is made to kiss the winners ass, and then the winner dry humps the losers biceps — wow this one has everything !!!!!!