Christina Carter and Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Match

DT-1447-02  / Time: 32 Minutes / Size: 727


Christina Carter and Ariel X are two of the most competitive women we have ever seen, both have quite a bit of money and are accustomed to having their way, so when both decide to apply to an elite college the Dean has them in his office, he informs them that their is only one position available, at first they try to buy their way in but this just starts a fight between them as they rip into their sexy dresses, pulling hair, clawing and screaming, finally he manages to separate them. How to decide, this is the dilemma but finally a winner take all fight is agreed to as both ladies are eager to get their revenge after years of competing and hating. Dressed in skimpy school girl skirts and white tops they start fighting in the hall and have to again be separated and this time are taken to a secluded bedroom where only the winner can exit. Get ready because they are both aching to inflict pain — soon all the clothes except the skimpy bottoms are off and eventually they also are ripped asunder as they destroy every inch of their luscious bodies and use all their tools, shoes used to beat hell on their tender skin, shirts used to strangle, teeth used to bite deep and hard and hands used to gouge and hit. Supple breasts are battered and gouged and pussies are the final fatal target in this epic battle. Both beauties end bruised and bloody because – THIS IS A BATTLE FOR THE AGES !!!!!!