4 Girls

HD DOWNLOADABLE Gut Slugging Match

DT-1448-02  / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 493


Do you like a good gut slug, how about hundreds of good gut slugs, well her it is. Miranda Chen is one of the most gorgeous new babes we have at DT, she is a super Asian beauty, she is in the office working when, Ariel X, Kristie Etzold, and Christina Carter come in and want the new girl to do work for them but she refuses. This does not go well for our three regulars, they decide to see how much destruction her belly can take, and thus begins one of the most savage belly beatings we have ever seen. They start right there in the office as one girl holds her arms while the other two throw the bombs, then one girl on each arm as the others throw savage blows to her belly. Not getting enough skin they unbutton her sweater to expose this firm gut. But they need more room for their wild blows so they move to the next room where they can really let loose, now the slugs get even more savage as again one girl holds as the other two take turns, they wind up then throw brutal blows. Their knuckles collide with Miranda’s firm brown belly, her wind comes gushing out with each blow – how can she take this much destruction? More blows then you would think possible in one match — if you like gut slugs, you gotta have this one !!!!!!