Sarah Brooke vs. Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1453-01  / Time: 30 Minutes / Size: 706

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Ariel X is the most terrifying fighter on the DT roster. She has been laying waste to every wrestler in her weight class. She flexes confidently for the camera and asks who her “next victim” is? Sarah Brooke is relatively new to the sport and seems a little unsure of herself. She steps into the ring and challenges Ariel. Ariel laughs hard in Sarah’s face. Ariel flexes her arms again. Her biceps are massive. As Ariel smiles at the camera, Sarah sneaks up behind her, grabs her by the arm and delivers a devastating knee to Ariel’s midsection. Ariel grunts and falls backwards into the ropes. Ariel falls to the mat. Sarah plants her boot in Ariel’s back and pulls her flailing arms up towards the sky. The standing surfboard is excruciating and leads to a quick tap from Ariel. Today’s match will be decided by which girl can get the most submissions in the allotted time limit. In addition, the loser has to raise the arm of the victor after each fall. Sarah Brooke is smug and sarcastic as she commands Ariel to raise her victorious hand. Sarah goes on to put Ariel through the ringer for the rest of the video. You are going to truly enjoy watching this beautiful underdog crush one of the most dominant female fighters ever.