Jolene Hexx vs. Makayla Cox


DT-1460-01  / Time: 20 Minutes / 460 MB

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Jolene Hexx is waiting for Makayla Coxx in the wrestling ring. Jolene is topless. She is wearing an over the shoulder sling thong and thigh high stockings. The video has barely started before Jolene starts talking trash about Makayla. Soon Makayla arrives. She is wearing a similar outfit to Jolene’s. Both of these women have amazing bodies and have no problem showing them off for the camera. Makayla is also upset with Jolene. They start insulting and cursing at one another. The fighters quickly engage each other. Jolene wedgies Makayla until she screams. Makayla sits on Jolene’s face until she can barely yell for help. Makayla laughs and bounces her big round ass on Jolene’s beautiful face. Ms. Hexx knocks Makayla off of her. She strips Makayla out of her thong. Jolene strains every muscle in her body as she mauls Makayla’s bare crotch. Makayla refuses to be the only nude one. She rips Jolene’s tiny thong off. Who will win this hotly contested match, the fair Jolene Hexx or the caramel skinned Makayla Cox? All I will tell you is that the winner will plant her foot on the loser’s chest and flex her arms in victory, and the loser will not get her clothes back, adding insult to injury.