Lana Violet vs Tia Kai

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Pantyhose Catfight Match

DT-1471-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 502 MB

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Today we have the ultimate Asian altercation. Lana Violet is busy at work when Tia Kai pulls up a chair. Tia tells Lana that she had better “stop sucking” her boyfriend’s cock. Lana laughs at the demand. Lana takes what she wants and recently she has wanted Tia’s boyfriend. Tia’s eyes grow in anger. She challenges Lana to a fight at lunch time in the work lounge. The beautiful Asian coworkers show up wearing their black business casual dresses and black panty hose. They start jawing at each other. Then they start pushing and grabbing. Lana and Tia then remove their clothes until they are wearing nothing but their (almost see through) black panty hose. They bear hug one another, pushing their perky Asian tits together. As the two hotties are mauling each other’s breasts and bear hugging, they start to turn one another on. The bear hugs turn into humps and Lana and Tia start tongue kissing. Lana throws Tia on the couch. With Tia’s legs spread wide, Lana gets between those legs and humps away. The distracted fighters roll onto the floor and scissor each other in an epic tribadism session. The rest of the match continues in this enthralling mix of crotch rubbing and nipple tweaking. This steaming hot match is going to be an instant classic.