Lana Violet vs. Cali Caliente

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Stinkface Catfight Match

DT-1473-03/ Time: 24 Minutes / 577 MB

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This is a wonderfully nasty stink face match between the adorable Lana Violet and Cali Caliente. If you aren’t familiar with stink face matches, they are a best of seven submission match, and you can only win the round by face sitting your opponent. The women circle each other. Lana knocks Cali down and drops her pretty ass on Cali’s face. Cali spits and yells expletives when Lana finally removes her ass. Cali gets to her feet and immediately rips at Lana’s bikini top. Lana has cute little natural tits. Cali throws Lana into the corner, puts one leg up, and basically does the splits as she smashes her crotch and plump ass into Lana’s bewildered face. These girls really have fun with smothering each other. They smile and laugh as they come up with multiple inventive ways to rub their stinky butts in their opponent’s face. You are going to love watching Cali do a full squat to repeatedly bounce her ass on Lana. If you are a butt man, then you need look no further. This is a fun and nasty match between a topless African American beauty and an adorable caramel skinned Asian.