Lana Violet vs. Cali Caliente


DT-1484-02/ Time: 22 Minutes / 521 MB

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Lana Violet is a beautiful caramel skinned Asian girl. Cali Caliente is an adorable ebony babe. Lana and Cali are both trying to get the staring role in the next big DT movie. Rather than proving that they are the best woman for the part, they immaturely focus their rage on each other. This is very unprofessional, but is also extremely entertaining. They start yelling at each other. They meet in the center of the ring and pull one another’s tops off. Immediately, Lana and Cali reach for each other’s nipples. With both women clamping their sharp nails down on the other’s tits, they moan and circle each other. Lana drops Cali to the mat and then removes her short shorts. Cali bumps Lana off of her and proceeds to peel off Lana’s bottoms. At this point, both girls are fully naked. Cali sees an opportunity and shoves her head between Lana’s thighs. She starts biting down hard on Lana’s petite brown flower. Realizing that they are in a 69 position, Lana fights back the urge to scream just long enough to clamp down on Cali’s gorgeous crotch. The naked fighters split their time mostly between breast mauling, crotch biting, and hair pulling. We are lucky that these naughty ladies can’t settle their disputes with their words. This petty cat fight is a treat for all you fans of pretty young ethnic beauties fighting in their birthday suits.