Miranda vs. Lana Violet

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Wrestling Match

DT-1594HD/Time: 24 Minutes / 566 MB

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Miranda and Lana Violet are one of DT’s best tag teams, but in the middle of one of their hype videos Lana finds out that Miranda is dating her ex-boyfriend. This is obviously a violation of their friendship and Lana challenges Miranda to a fight for him. While Lana explains to the camera what a jerk move this is on Miranda’s part, Miranda sneaks up from behind and puts her in a rear naked choke. Lana flails but eventually drops to the mat. Miranda punks the smaller Lana Violet and ultimately chokes her out. Miranda plans on making Lana pay some more so she runs and grabs some rope, but before she can tie Lana up, Lana wakes up and turns the tables on Miranda. Lana applies a head scissors that leaves Miranda barely breathing. Lana bends and twists Miranda in every painful way she can think of. Miranda hurt Lana tremendously by stealing her ex and Lana is dead set on repaying the favor with physical pain. These girls are beautiful, but their friendship has truly turned to hatred. If you’re interested in watching these two stunning women torture each other, then you need to see this video.