Kianna Dior vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1586HD/ Time: 24 Minutes / 545 MB


Oh those masks – what a mess they have caused. They saved a lot of lives but some people feel it was taken too far and that’s exactly what we have here as Kianna Dior and Serene Siren are at the same hotel and Serene refuses to wear her mask which infuriates Kianna, this bubbles over till we have an incredibly sadistic fight. This is a continuation of the first wild episode 1571, we join the women mid fight on the bed attacking breasts with everything they have: fingers, nails, breasts and yes even teeth clamp down on this tender breast flesh. Then a wild prolonged bearhug where our babes pull hair so hard they stretch their necks and bit faces — yes through out this match they bite and claw hard on these beautiful faces, they bite and claw everything and our ladies end up quite bloody and bruised but this does not stop their aggression. Even a long slapping duel that knocks them from one side of the bed to the other doesn’t slow them down. But when one brings a chair to the battle and they fight for that knockout, well finally it looks over as they both collapse on the bed —— no it can’t be…. Yes they are coming back to life and Both are determined to finish this once and for all, so it’s to their womanhood they go, wild savage attacks on their vulnerable pussies is the only answer – long and painful till finally one can take no more, no more destruction on their tender centers – no more — NO MORE !!!!!!