Ariel X vs. Erika Jordan


DT-1593HD/Time: 22 Minutes / 529 MB


Erika Jordan is relaxing at the DT headquarters while scrolling through her social media when she sees a picture of Ariel X. Erika is shook by the image of Ariel’s impressively large and well defined muscles. Erika says to herself, “I will fight anyone on the DT roster except for that girl. Please don’t make me fight that girl.” Erika makes her way to the ring and waves to all of her adoring fans as she does a lap around the ring. Just then, the walking goddess that is Ariel X enters the ring. She has a smirk on her face like she knows how scared Erika Jordan is. When the camera pans and we see the smile melt off of Erika’s face, it feels like this fight is already over. Ariel grabs a hold of Erika and throws her around the ring like a big sister would manhandle her younger sibling. Ariel puts Erika in the turnbuckle and slaps and punches the once haughty fighter until she is quivering and begging for reprieve. Ariel beats her up so bad that she almost tires herself out. She even launches Erika out of the ring at one point. Eventually, enough is enough and Erika passes out. This leaves Ariel with the perfect chance to write “jobber” on her unconscious foe’s forehead with red lipstick. This beautiful video is proof of one thing: don’t mess with Ariel X!