Christy Love vs. Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Squish Domination Match

DT-1592HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 546 MB

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That Christy Love is such a cutie, she lies in bed topless with that beautiful petit tan body when a topless Kianna Dior enters and accuses her of stealing clients in the office. Even Christy’s gorgeous smile can’t dissuade the busty brunette and soon Kianna has planted her beautiful body on top of the little
Asian and decides to punish her by bouncing up and down on her sweet chest. It’s a wonder Christy’s jutting nipples don’t slice into Kianna’s butt as they are so erect. Kianna’s large breasts bounce up and down with unfettered energy adding even more weight to each explosive bounce as Kianna smashes her Asian treat. Next Kianna turns her butt around so it can be in Christy’s face and continues to bounce and squish finally pulling Christy’s sleek brown legs up in a match book squish from multiple directions as she cradles the petit beauty like her little toy. Kianna is determined to see Christy steals no more and makes her lick and suck her toes and feet. Poor little Christy gets squished and squished and now knows who’s the boss !!!!!!