Milana Ricci vs. Alexia Anders

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Hitting Match

DT-1585HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 528 MB

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Hits on firm female flesh, hit that just keep on coming, hits that shake sleek young beauties – and those beauties are: Milana Ricci and Alexia Anders. Who can take the most pain, who can hit the hardest — that’s the contest and both ladies have agreed, so let’s get it on. Milana agrees to go first, Alexia loads up and starts pounding that vulnerable gut, over and over the bombs rain down, Milana is so gorgeous as she takes it – her beautiful long lean limbs strain to hold her up as her rock hard tummy shakes from the blows and her skimpy shorts just add to the sexy scene. Now it’s Alexia’s turn to test her mettle and Milana is eager to repay the pain, with each hit her perfect breasts quiver as this amazing Asian takes her best shots. These are two of the most beautiful petit ladies EVER, if you have not seen these ladies you are in for a real treat, their beauty is unsurpassed. Now we know they are stunning but can they hit, well get ready, because they do some pounding. Back and forth, they take turns slamming their little fists into firm bellies. Hits so hard they strain to hold on to the ropes, hits so hard they fall to the mat and hits so hard you may start to feel them. Petit beauties that hit beyond their weight, wow do we love these two and so will you. Hits and struggle – so sexy — you gotta see these two !!!!!!!