Christina Carter vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Squishing Match

DT-1572HD/ Time: 44 Minutes / 1.1 G


This wonderfully squishy cat fight begins with Christina Carter sitting on the DT couch wearing nothing but some bikini bottoms. Christina is a little disappointed because she has already squished every girl at DT. However, the camera man has a surprise for Christina. He explains that there is a new girl in the back getting ready for their match. Milana Ricci is her name and she has no idea what is awaiting her. Where Christina is buxom and curvy, Milana is tight and petite. Christina’s face lights up when she lays eyes upon Milana. She rushes at her and throws her against the wall. Christina smooshes her boobs into Milana’s chest and face. Christina looks down on her helpless victim as she is slowly and painfully crushed between the wall and Christina’s enormous jugs. Milana bleats for mercy, but each subsequent cry seems weaker and weaker as the air is slowly pressed out of her body. Just when it seems like she can’t take any more, Christina peels her off the wall and lays her down on the couch. Ms. Carter sits her big round ass on Milana’s perky tits and flat stomach. You are going to love watching Christina turn poor little Milana into her own personal slave. This is one hell of a sexy squishing match!