Christina Carter vs. London River

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Destruction Match

DT-1563HD/ Time: 26 Minutes / 645 MB


London River has already defeated Christina Carter. In fact, when this video begins, she is sitting on Christina’s face with her bare crotch. However, London decides she isn’t done destroying Christina, so she climbs off of Christina’s pretty but drooling mouth. London fingers and tongues Christina’s belly button, which brings Christina moaning back to consciousness. London puts Christina in a reverse headlock and starts rubbing her crotch. Christina is completely helpless to escape as her body rhythmically convulses to the forced pleasure London rains down on her. Eventually, Christina cums to London’s strong fingers and her whole body goes limp again. London then removes what little clothes Christina was already wearing. Now both girls are completely nude. This amazing pattern repeats for much of this video; London wakes Christina by sticking her tongue in Christina’s belly button, then she manhandles Christina’s voluptuous body around the ring for a while before embarrassing her and knocking her unconscious with a powerful orgasm. When Christina has given up any ounce of fight or self respect, London puts the dog collar and leash on her. London walks Christina around the ring, makes her lap up water out of a bowl, and yanks on the leash to choke her like a bad little doggie. London ends this sexy video by putting Christina face down and ass up over the bottom rope and writing “bitch” on her big beautiful booty.