Christina Carter vs Cherie Deville

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1568HD/ Time: 18 Minutes / 431 MB


Cherie DeVille is excited for today’s match. She is wearing a striped blue and black bikini and an adorable headband with a blue bow at the top. Cherie has been waiting for a long time to take down a DT legend like Christina Carter. Christina stands across the ring from Cherie with a confident grin on her face. Christina can’t help but laugh at the prospect of losing to Cherie. “That chicken leg bitch is going down,” Christina says as she squeezes her enormous tits together for the camera. The bell rings and Christina grabs Cherie by the side of the head and stuffs her face in between Christina’s giant breasts. Cherie is helpless to resist the bigger and stronger Christina as she slowly suffocates. Both women remove their bikini tops revealing two of the biggest and best pairs of tits on the entire DT roster. Christina shows why she is the top dog at DT; every time it seems like Cherie might take the upper hand, Christina crushes her hopes. Cherie gets the double underhooks on Christina for a powerful bearhug, but Christina is just too powerful, she ignores the underhooks and wraps her arms around Cherie’s shoulders for a soul crushing reverse bearhug. Do you want to see the smoking hot Cherie DeVille loose consciousness neck-deep in Christina Carter’s big peach colored breasts? Then you have to watch this video.