Karen Fisher, Christina Carter, Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Dominance Match

DT-1576HD/ Time: 32 Minutes / 773 MB


Karen Fisher and Christina Carter have only the tops of their bikinis on and Erika Jordan is using some exotic aroma therapy on them, they have their foreheads together with a towel between as their bare bottoms protrude. But this therapy seems to overpower them as to the floor they collapse. Erika seems to delight in their groggy stupors as now she takes control and destroys her victims, she puts Christina over her knee and pounds her gut as the big babe groans with each blow. Now it’s Karen’s turn and Erika chokes her then pounds her gut. Next she stands each of the big babes up so she can put them down with super chokes, then to make it even more fun she does them together with mutual chokes, then bear hugs and chicken wings and… yes so many we can’t even name them all but my favorite is the kissing smother, you got to see it. When they’re down she just loves to pond on their sweet bellies. Oh and Erika so loves to smother them them with her crotch, that’s a fun one. Wow this is quite a wild ring match… wait, no – Erika is taking them to the bedroom where they’re nude and Erika starts pounding their vulnerable bellies as their hands are subdued behind their backs, then you won’t believe what she does to them – it’s just too much. The big girls are getting dommed big time !!!!!!