Karlie Montana vs. Star 9

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Squish and Bearhug Match

DT-1575HD/ Time: 24 Minutes / 590 MB


Sexy naked beauties in bed kissing when Karlie Montana turns to Star 9 and tells her how in their last tag match she saved the day with her powerful body to body pin, well as the argument continues it becomes a heated challenge and our naked beauties have to decide who has the best body to body action. They start out by standing on the bed and applying mutual bearhugs, as they squeeze they argue who is the strongest. So furious is their hug that they fall to the bed still glued together and now they continue their squeeze on the bed, the one on the bottom getting the best of the squish, they roll over and now the roles are reversed. So sensual watching these sexy bodies strain as they are smashed together. From the bed they stand still in the bear hug and now they move about each trying to gain the power edge, into the living room they stumble still attached. Karlie throws Star on the couch and pounces on her but from the bottom Star throws on her python squeeze, then to the side they roll and now Star is on top. This goes on and on as each forces the air out of her foe until finally one can no longer take in air, the grip is too much and the view is literally breathtaking — their breasts squished together, their beautiful legs forged into one. On to the floor the victor pulls the lifeless body so she can celebrate over her. Naked beauties hugging — truly breathtaking !!!!!!