Capri Cavanni vs. Karlie Montana


DT-1565HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 515 MB


Capri Cavanni starts this video out in a black bikini that wraps around all her naughty parts. Karlie Montana is wearing a bright red bikini that is sure to make you stop in your tracks. These hourglass figures are ready to fight to the end to prove that they are the most dangerous beauty at DT. Karlie starts by putting Capri in a standing head scissors and using her free hand to spank that beautifully plump ass of Capri’s. Karlie relents and lets Capri crumble to the mat. She eventually gets back to her feet and challenges Karlie to a test of strength that ends with Capri snapping Karlie down to the mat, sitting on her lower back, and spanking her round ass cheeks. Karlie only escapes by biting Capri’s big toe, which sends her barrel rolling and screaming for help. Karlie capitalizes with a standing surfboard that crushes Capri’s tits into the rough blue canvas mat. At this point, both women lose their tops and fight with their perky tits on full display. I am not going to tell you who the winner is, but let’s just say that she uses her big muscular ass to sit on the face of the loser and suffocate her into unconsciousness. This is an epic cat fight between two gorgeous wrestlers, miss it at your own peril.