Idelsy Love vs. Makayla Cox

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Wedgie Catfight Match

DT-1562HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 521 MB

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Been way too long since we have seen these two: Idelsy Love and Makayla Cox – now Makayla may be bigger but Idelsy is such a spitfire and she has a rage on for this bountiful beauty.  Best 3 out of 5 is instantly agreed to as each grabs hold of their skimpy sling bikini – the slings are just perfect for killer wedgies and that’s just what we get as Makayla pins Idelsy in the corner and rips that narrow cloth up her feminine center, then goes after her sweet tits, finally to the ground goes the brunette and Mak wedgies her great ass as she is on all fours – what a view we get from behind as that string not only splits her sweet cheeks but also parts her pussy lips.  With each crawl we are treated to this sensuous view and this is just the first few minutes.  Yes, idelsy gets Makayla but it takes awhile and after so much pain when Ms. Love takes control she is in for some real payback, stripping Mak out of her suit then using it to wedgie her, and oh does she love destroying Makayla’s nipples and why not she has such nice protruding beacons.  Now it’s Idesly’s turn to attack Mak’s ass as she has her on all fours and uses her suit to wedgie her then uses her hands to attack pussy and ass. Both ladies are naked now except for those sexy stockings that so flatter their fabulous bodies.  These two put on one hell of a show and that’s why we miss them so !!!!!!