Match 1 -Alix Lynx and Sadie Holmes are taking part in a photo shoot in the DT wrestling ring. They are both wearing lingerie and posing provocatively for the camera. Alix seems to like getting up close and personal with Sadie for their pictures. However, the look on Sadie’s face says that she isn’t too happy with the attention Alix is giving her. Sadie tells Alix to “back off” because Alix isn’t as sexy or as good of a fighter as she is. Alix is enraged, but before she gets a chance to do anything Sadie surprises her with a knee to the groin. Sadie uses this as a chance to pose solo for the camera and talk more shit. When Alix gets to her feet she rips Sadie’s top off and both girls proceed to savagely maul one another’s perky young tits. For the rest of the fight they compete in thongs, garter belts, thigh high stockings, and high heels. There aren’t many things hotter than these topless females fighting in their high heels.

Match 2 -Lana Violet is relaxing at home when Kianna Dior barges in demanding that Lana sign “the divorce papers” so that Kianna can marry Lana’s husband. Lana laughs and refuses, saying, “How about no, bitch… He deserves to be with me.” Kianna shoves her big tits into the shorter Lana’s face and explains that her bigger tits are why Lana lost her man. Push comes to shove and the women face off in a tit fight. Wearing nothing but panties, they smash their breasts together over and over again until one of them gives up. Kianna obviously has the upper hand in this battle. She easily punks the petite Lana, walking her around the room like a little puppy. However, Lana’s pain and humiliation is far from done. Over and over again Kianna crushes Lana with her enormous breasts until Lana relinquishes and signs the papers. Kianna laughs and puts her grumbling foe into a head scissors while she calls Lana’s EX-husband and gloats. All of this ends with a sniveling Lana being knocked out by suffocation via Kianna’s mountainous breasts.

Match 3 -You know you need a fix, in need of a wild cat fight with gorgeous women who like to pull hair and gouge breasts, we have just what the doctor ordered: Erika Jordan and Idelsy Love in one hell of a wild cat fight. Garbed in the sexiest of short skirts that constantly ride up their amazing panty hosed asses – the tops and bras are soon off so they can attack those luscious tits, and attack they do as red nailed fingers dig ever so deep into the soft breast flesh. If these two aren’t pulling hair or destroying breasts they are doing some body to body cat-balling with their beautiful legs intertwined and their fleshy chests smashed together, they roll and roll till one gains control in the top position where she has some real leverage to sink her nails into her opponents vulnerable breasts. These are two of the best doing what they do best: getting wild and enjoying it. We all love a good cat fight especially when it’s constant action and sexy ladies. So get your fix on with these two amazing brunettes !!!!!


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