Kristie Etzold vs. Star 9

HD DOWNLOADABLE Domination with Lift and Carry Match

DT-1583HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 470 MB


Lift and Carry, lift and carry, they go together like a horse and carriage – now don’t we all just love to see the big girl pick up her foe and carry her way. That’s what we have with this match as strong Kristie Etzold finds sleek Star 9 in her apartment searching for some top secret documents, Kristie is angry and wants to know who sent her and what exactly she is looking for. She decides to beat this info out of beautiful Star, she soon has that cute short black dress pulled off of Star so she can get down to the skin to win her destructive quest. But even after being choked, scissored and poked with the sharp end of the heel Star resists so Kristie throws her lean torso over her shoulder and as she carries her around she spanks that tight ass, then drops her on the couch for more pounding on Star’s tender body. Next Kristie picks her up in a cradle carry as Star’s gorgeous legs twirl with each swirl until she is again dropped on the couch for more destruction. All this pain and Star refuses to talk, bear hug carries, shoulder carries, cradle carries and fireman carries, Star’s slender lifeless limbs dangle and float through the air but still she will not talk. LIFT AND CARRY to the max — you will get carried away with this one !!!!!!