Ashley Lane vs. Star 9

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1587HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 534 MB

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Ashley Lane and Star 9 are some smoking hot blondes and they look even hotter because they are all done up in their business blouses and tight skirts. Their high heels make these tall beauties even more leggy. Ashley and Star insult each other until they can’t take it any longer and have to get their hands dirty. Both women grab hand fulls of their foe’s blonde hair and start yanking until they fall onto the couch. Ashley and Star are wearing tan panty hose and now their long legs are intertwined and the panty hose is rubbing together. They roll onto the floor and start cat balling. Their tiny pencil skirts ride up their hips and their pretty crotches are just barely visible. It is nearly ten minutes into this video before the ladies let go of the other girl’s hair, which is damn impressive. Star eventually wraps her legs around Ashley’s waist and sits in her lap. These very unprofessional business ladies are facing each other when they frantically remove one another’s blouses and bras so they can breast maul the other. The winner knocks the other out by dropping her tits in her face and putting her to sleep. You are sure to love this sexy business casual cat fight.