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Match 1 -Gorgeous super heroines in such sexy super costumes, Tylene buck in her tight white super suit and red boots and Stacy Burke in her shinny blue and red suit and red boots, oh boy do these heroines look the part, but the monster they have to battle is as ugly as they are beautiful, he grunts and snarls as he flashes his sharp claws at the girls. These are some game babes, they attack this ugly beast in so many ways; savage slugs, chokes, and double team him but always he comes back and once in control her wants his vengeance! He so hates their super suits and is determined to destroy them with his sharp claws, he first goes after their breasts as he slashes through the suits to get to that sacred flesh and now uses his claws to rip into these fleshy mounds of beauty. Blood soon drenches their bodies as their super suits are ripped to shreds, valiantly they fight on but only to meet more bloody destruction. They pass out, and when they awake he is gone slowly they crawl out, their sexy butts viewed as they struggle to leave… no what’s this, he’s back and now he rips into their backs and butts as he is more determined than ever to destroy their suits and bodies, more blood flows, both front and back are destroyed. A killer double choke and our two bloody shredded super heroines are out cold, lifeless and piled together for all the world to see their bloody annihilation !!!!

Match 2 -Kristie Etzold is a masked mauler in a fight that pits super heroine against evil doer. Keri Spectrum is the only hero brave enough to take on some one as evil as Kristie. Poor Keri does very well against her foe for most of the match, but it is only in an attempt to fend off the inevitable. Kristie slowly breaks down her adorable, blonde opponent until she is literally standing on what used to be a goddess. Kristie’s muscles ripple through her black body suit while Keri’s slight young body peeks out at you through an American flag themed two piece costume. You will love this sexy fight between good and evil.

Match 3 -The Evil Clown is perhaps the most fiendish heel that Super Girl has ever faced. He begins the match by attacking Super Girl from behind, sucker punching her and taking the upper hand. The Clown is sure to never let up on his panic stricken foe unless he is fondling her faultless young body like the creepy molester that he is. Christie Stevens was born to play Super Girl. Her perky tits and shapely hips seem to fight to get out of such a tight costume. Luckily, they get their wish. Perhaps the most terrifying thing about this video is how the camera fades to black right after the Evil Clown puts our heroine to sleep. I wonder what other savage and sexual treats he has in store for the purest of all super heroes.


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