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Match 1 -Do you like young girls with tight stomachs? Do you like watching girls beat the stuffing out of each other? If you do then this video is your recipe for happiness. Melissa Jacobs and Ariel-X both think that they have the toughest abs in DT, and they are willing to do anything to prove it. They each take turns pounding each other’s guts until their cute little bellies are battered bright red. They even go so far as to count how many punches each of them can take. The camera zooms in on each girl’s soft skin as it gets beaten raw. Watch with jaws agape as these violent vixens gut punch each other from all sorts of unique angles (upside down hanging from the ropes, laying on their back, on their knees, back arched way in the air, and etc.). Get this video and find out which mighty maiden does indeed have the strongest stomach in DT.

Match 2 -This match features two real pros. Kristie Etzold and Dia Zerva (in her DT debut) are strong, skilled, and experienced. To prove how tough they are, each wrestler takes an impressive amount of stomach punches and hair pulling. Their muscles tense and bulge as they squeeze and inflict incredible amounts of pain upon each other. Dia is very good at applying some intricate holds on Kristie, but Kristie’s ferocity is just as destructive. Look for some mean camel clutches, leg holds, and stomach torture. The loser of this match is literally beaten into unconsciousness with body blows. Who could imagine that such brutality would be so super fun to watch!

Match 3 -DT vets Tasha Welch and Francesca Lé begin this contest with a test of strength that really shows how evenly matched these two cuties are. Although Tasha and Francesca look like darlings, they are quite brutal with each other. Their many intense leg scissors are so strong that it looks as though the girl’s insides are going to be squeezed out like a tube of toothpaste. Tasha’s knee-high socks, rainbow panties, and pigtails are adorable, but Francesca’s exposed breasts are sexy as hell. Each girl exposes her famed tits and uses them effectively to smother her opponent. These girls are longtime favorites at DT wrestling, and this match is a good testament as to why!.


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