Star 9 vs Ashley Lane

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1567HD/ Time: 25 Minutes / 613 MB

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Lean, firm, strong and oh so beautiful, that’s both Star 9 and Ashley Lane and we so love it when they are together. Now Ashley has been training and has her body in top shape so she calls Star to challenge her to a battle and Star never turns down a fight. Once in the ring their boasting turns to comparing bodies, both flexing and preening with a very sexual undercurrent which comes to a head when they decide to oil each other up – so sensual seeing these sleek figures stroked till they shine. Finally the battle begins with a sustained test of strength that shows off the trim muscles as they strain and flex till Star finally overcomes and applies a full nelson on the mat but Ashley comes back and soon has Star in a grapevine that shows off their long lean limbs, such a treat as they are breast to breast and their suits go up their cracks showing off those great asses. Back and forth they roll but not just roll, no their is a fabulous body slugging section where Star has Ashley in the corner and pounds her young body, over and over her fist slams young flesh. So many great scissors and chokes as each babe takes a fall. They take a break to spritz each other off and once the bodies shine they continue this fabulous match that will only stop when one of them can move no more — and with a long figure four choke we have one who can move no more. But the victor does not stop there, no she removes her foes bottoms and plays with that beautiful ass — yes this one has it all and with two sleek beauties that are so captivating soooo BEGUILING !!!!!!