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Match 1 – Richelle Ryan came all the way from Vegas to box Charlie Mancini and they start out topless which is a big mistake because both ladies use those big breasts as targets, big red gloves smash into that breast flesh making them jiggle with each blow as pain crosses the face. Each lady takes her turn at being destroyed with bombs to the head, breasts and gut that has each sprawled out on the canvas. When in trouble both ladies clinch smashing their ample breasts together, and later resort to stifling bear hugs and pounding breasts together. Then back to the boxing as each strives to destroy her foe with more blows to face and breasts, down one goes then barely able to crawl to her corner for the next round and when they go down they give us that great spreadeagled view. They even press each other into the ropes to burn those beautiful breasts. Once a girl is down in this fight she is free game to destroy and destroy they do – was that drive from Vegas worth the trip – you’ll have to watch and see who ends up spreadeagled and destroyed !!!!

Match 2 – Nicole Oring and Akira Lane used to be friends, then one day they were reminiscing in the changing room and it tuns into a challenge for a boxing bout: the first one to get five knockouts wins. They meet in the ring ready to rumble and we soon have a slam bam knock em out ma’am match with each lady giving as soon as she gets till we have our first knockout, and if this wasn’t enough the winner spends a long time posing over the loser, then back at it for so many more. Nicole has great form and it is quite apparent she has done a lot of boxing but she gets cocky and leaves her chin exposed and Akira has one hell of a haymaker as Nicole finds out when she is down and Akira is flex posing over her. But it’s first to five knockouts so we have a ways to go with loads of hard blows to the gut and face, these girls hit hard. After we finally have a winner the girls meet for an interview and of course the winner gets a bit cocky setting up a rematch – I have a feeling this could be a rivalry that goes on for quite awhile as these ladies are no longer friends !!!!

Match 3 – Kendra James is relaxing in her home when a cocky Star 9 storms into the house and locks the door behind her. Kendra jumps to her feet, furious about the intruder. Star demands a rematch. Kendra laughs, removes her top and reminds Star that she mopped the ring with the blonde pixie the last time they fought. Now topless also, Star laughs and informs Kendra that she has been working out and “this fight will end differently.” Star proposes a “no rules” match that very night. Once nightfall comes, the women meet, apply oil to their bodies, and begin to trade blows. These fighters might look skinny, but they deliver a wallop when they are round-housing each other in the face and stomach. It isn’t long before Star pulls away with the lead. She places Kendra in the corner and delivers countless slugs to her opponent’s soft, pale tummy. Kendra is left breathless and at the mercy of Star. There isn’t much mercy to give, save for the sensual oil rub Star applies to Kendra’s passed out body.


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