London River vs. Erika Jordon

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1599HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 490 MB


Those damn men cause so much trouble – London Rivers storms in on Erika Jordan claiming she tricked her man into marrying her. Erika is incensed but when the busty blonde insulted her kids, well – now it’s fighting time. The tops come off as they go breast to breast for some chest banging and tight bear hugs that smash those fleshy breasts. Time to get serious, both babes get naked and as they circle – here it comes, that first big face bomb as Erika hits London so hard it knocks her to the couch but the tough blonde recovers and shows she can also deliver a body shaking face blast — It’s on. Yes for the rest of this match both babes knock the hell our to each other, slamming both heads and guts, even adding a few killer kicks. But this isn’t just hits, no, because between each series of blows we are treated to savage breast attacks, they stretch and twist those succulent tits, also pussy attacks as they strive to destroy their naked foe. But always, always back to blows that stager, these aren’t little punches, no, these are wind up and swing for the fences blows, blows that have their amazing bodies splayed across couch and floor. Against the wall going for breasts and pussies, on the floor crawling to get back in the fight, then another crack across the chin and they are at it again. Gorgeous naked bodies with slugs galore and so much more yes, soooo much more !!!!!