Serene Siren and Jessica Ryan vs. Lana Violet and Sarah Brooke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Tag Team Topless Hitting Match

DT-1518HD/ Time: 28 Minutes / 673 MB


Wow, four hot topless babes in a wild hitting contest!! We interview the first tag team: Serene Siren and Jessica Ryan, these two really like each other – I mean really like, so much so the interview is mostly them kissing and fondling.  Then we meet the other team: Lana Violet and Sarah Brooke, these two tough ladies are here for business and looking for some knockouts.  Once in the ring we learn this is a very specific hitting contest; one from each team come out and each girl gets her turn at three blows of her choice.  First we have Sarah and Serene and the blows are savage taking each girl almost down, they hit breasts guts and faces.  Lana and Jessica take their turns, how nice to see Jessica again, it has been way too long since this beauty graced our ring but beautiful Lana has no sympathy on her as she curate chops her neck.  This becomes a wild battle with girls going down and tagging in their partners.  The blows mount up as one girl goes down for good and her foes strip her bottoms off, pissing off her partner and she musters her energy for enough blows to put one of her foes down.  Now it’s one on one, who can take the most – who gave give the most.  Blow after blow, they are thrown into the ropes, on the canvas, breasts, guts and heads are smacked as these amazing bodies are blasted around the ring.  Such beauty taking such punishment, finally one team goes down and their bottoms are stripped off. The winning team limps from the ring as all bear the scars of this battle.  Four gorgeous women in the ultimate battle of toughness !!!!!!