Ariel X vs. Milana


DT-1521HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 492 MB


Milana Ricci is a tight bodied nubile with a passion for female fighting. She can’t wait to face off against the world famous Ariel X. Both women are wearing tiny little bikinis that barely cover their naughty parts. Ariel stands in the corner with her hands on her hips and her muscles rippling. She is dismissive of Milana to the point that she actually ignores her to ask the referee what the rules for the the match will be. Ariel turns her back on Milana, which proves to be a big mistake. Milana strikes Ariel in the back of the head, immediately locks her up in a rear naked choke and removes Ariel’s top. Ariel is stunned that such a pixie of girl could fight so dirty. Milana has her way with Ariel for a good while, but we all know that would never last. Ariel eventually gets her head back on her shoulders and begins to manhandle Milana. Ariel sits on Milana’s head. She grinds and wiggles on Milana’s pretty young face. Milana makes the most adorable muffled whimpers from underneath Ariel’s undercarriage. Ariel wants to embarrass Milana for her lack of respect, she beams with delight as she makes Milana lick her sweaty armpit. Do you wanna watch the powerful and talented Ariel X punish the petite Milana Ricci? Yes you do, so watch this video now!