Misty Stone vs. Cali Caliente

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini (Some Topless ) Match

DT-1531HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 541 MB

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These two have been itching to get at each other and this is their chance, an I Quit match where the only way it ends is if on lady says – I Quit.  Misty Stone and Cali Caliente are in the ring in their tight booty shorts and tops.  They agree to the I Quit premise and eagerly go after each other, yes these black beauties have so much energy they are about to explode. Explode they do — a lock up ends with Misty on top of Cali, her foot pressed into Cali’s back but soon Misty is on her back with that beautiful Cali ass in her face.  This is the way the energy flows from one dominant dame to another. They stay wild, even when one is thrown out of the ring and the fight follows, they use the ropes to choke and the walls for pounding, even to the cement floor where their sweet bodies are stepped on.  Then back in the ring where chokes and holds are applied by both even pulling those tops down for brief breast attacks. Their firm muscular bodies are in constant flex mode, ready to attack or defend or pluck that whole body to the air. That arm twisting may cause an I Quit but no, those low blows may do it, no – how both that butt spanking or that choke smother — nope.  Even when we think its over it goes to the back room for more… then finally we have it — I QUIT !!!!!!