Milana Ricci vs. Misty Stone

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Ring Wrestling Match

DT-1526HD/ Time: 19 Minutes / 451 MB


Oh boy – do I love these two: Milana Ricci and Misty Stone, such contrasting personalities and figures.  Misty the tough, strong, loud beauty and Milana the petite, wiry, soft beauty.  They lock up and the stronger Misty takes control with a long punishing full nelson that pulls Milana’s top off and stretches her sleek body to it’s limit.  The punishing continues to the floor with a killer bow and arrow, then Misty wraps her strong legs around that thin waist and cranks Milana’s head till the pain is too much.  Finally the petit one finds an escape and her turn at torment as she kicks and slugs Misty into the corner, then a severe choke where she gets Misty’s top off.  But again Misty gains control and this time she goes crazy on her foe with one super wedgie where Milana is on all fours as Misty puts a foot on her back then pulls up exposing all of that sweet little ass.  Then Misty applies a painful camel clutch, bear hug and scissors.  Milana will not quit trying and gets some great chokes as she takes off Misty’s top, but the stronger Misty eventually has her way and oh does she love it, nobody enjoys dominance more that Misty Stone.  She literally drags Milana around the ring by her feet.  Milana keeps trying and Misty keeps destroying, that’s why we love these two so much – both beautiful and both soooooo entertaining— ENJOY !!!!!!