Ariel X vs. Karlie Montana

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing Match

DT-1511HD/ Time: 25 Minutes / 588 MB


We love our boxing and this is one hell of a bout, so get ready because Ariel X and Karlie Montana are ready for a war.  Both are topless and talk their shit as they warm up, bouncing in their corners they show off their muscles.  Soon we are hot into this one and let me tell you we need two cameras to cover this action, which we do for most boxing but especially for this one as these are two super athletes.  Pound harder and harder, they both get good head shots but those belly bombs are what really shake up these babes.  They both are so happy to get spritzed off in the corner during breaks, their bodies glisten as they gasp for air.  Each takes a turn pounding her foe, and both take trips to the canvas but are up before ten and ready for more.  Ariel has a bad round and during the break demands her trunks get pulled off as they’re too hot and unlucky, pants come off leaving just a tiny thong.  Karlie isn’t about to be out done and has her bottoms pulled off also.  Now these thong clad pugilists go hard round after round with some of the most bruising blows ever, some of the later rounds capsulated but by round twelve they can barley stand.  Bloody and wobbly they stagger, but still they swing hard until finally one goes down, she struggles valiantly but to no avail — we have a winner.  ONE HELL OF A  BOUT, ya gotta see it !!!!!!