Ariel X vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Boxing Match

DT-1503HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 552 MB


We get to see these two great boxers wrap their hands and put on their gloves before the big fight.  Ariel X is telling how she will win this time as she is prepared but Erika Jordan is cocky because she has beaten Ariel twice before and sees no reason why this time will be any different.  In the ring they come together but there is no sporty touching of gloves here, no these babes just want destruction.  It is very apparent these ladies know how to box, their movement is classic as they bob and weave.  Ariel is doing everything she can to stay away from Erika’s power, some hits get through but she is not hurt as the round ends and they go to their corners where water is poured over their sweaty bodies.  With each round we get more and more punches, hard slams that buckle their trim waists and head shots that bounce them back.  But they are tiring, especially one and as they tire more blasts are getting through – the pounding is getting more and more intense as in the corners they trap and pound.  The breasts are getting soaked as they try to revive when finally allowed some corner rest.  Finally one gets total control and she punishes her victim, she wants no doubt as to who is the better boxer, the best way to show this is beat the hell out of her – and beat the hell out of her she does !!!!!!