Ashley Lane vs. Star 9


DT-1502HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 478 MB

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Star 9 is taking on a new girl named Ashley Lane. Star is a slim figured blonde with a pretty face. She is wearing a very small leopard print bikini. Star has a confident swagger that becomes even more confident when she finds out that Ashley Lane is brand new to female fighting. Star laughs out loud when she hears Ashley telling the camera man how she is going to “dominate and crush” Star. Ashley is sporting a pink and white bikini that barely covers up her goodies. Star and Ashley meet in the center of the ring for a test of strength. Before you can blink, Star has spun Ashley around and has her in a double chicken wing. Ashley flails helplessly as she grunts and moans. The women drop to the floor and begine an epic scramble. Their limbs are contorted and intertwined and just when it looks like Ashley is going to end up on top, Star 9 puts Ashley in a horrifyingly complicated leg lock. Star milks what appears to be some kind of calf slicer for a while and then progresses to full mount. She reaches behind herself and grabs Ashley’s legs so she can stack the poor newbie. Ashley’s young crotch is pointing right at the camera as she wiggles and jiggles in her futile escape attempts. Star 9 removes Ashley’s string bikini top while Ashley pulls Star’s top down. Both of these women have wonderfully perky natural breasts. Ashley does eventually take the upper hand as she puts Star in a Boston crab. However, this doesn’t last for long; this is a one sided match that mostly consists of a veteran Star 9 putting some young upstart through the wringer.