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Match 1 – Erika Jordan and Skylar Rene are wearing matching outfits: yellow blouses, red skirts, panty hose, and high heels. Of course, neither girl is willing to allow the other to copy her and the fisticuffs begins rather quickly. The women grab handfuls of each other’s hair and go flying to the couch. Their hands slowly move to rip their tops open and attack one another’s bare breasts. The full breasts and perky nipples turn more and more red as each female digs and drags her sharp nails across the soft, peachy skin. Their favorite position is to straddle one another, showing dominance and gaining leverage to inflict more pain. Sure, there is some hair pulling and leg fighting in this match, but the truth is this is a good ol’ fashioned breast mauling match. So if you want to see hot girls in panty hose and high heels violently grab each other’s tits for twenty minute, then this video is for you.

Match 2 – Kendra James and Star 9 are two beautiful and confident fighters. Ms. James is a fiery red head that wants to show the world that she is DT’s best female fighter. In order to do that, she must defeat the young and powerful Star 9. The match begins and we quickly learn that Kendra loves to straddle and joke her blonde prey, while Star enjoys using her long legs to squeeze the cries out of Kendra. Each girl is proud to be beating up her opponent and vocalizes their joy. Cruel taunts and stinging insult are spit back and forth from beginning to end. The athletic bodies on both of these women are presented in nothing more than a thong for the entirety of the match. These topless terrors hole nothing back. The trash talk and leg locks are intentionally mean in this match.

Match 3 – Erika Jordan is so gorgeous in her short skirt and black stocking with garter belt and heels. She is posing for the camera, showing off her shapely legs and telling how she wants to fight more matches when Karlie Montana bursts in and demands to fight for the title – so it works out that a match is set up but when Mark leaves Karlie gets Erika from behind and is soon banging her head against the wall, this is only the beginning of an outrageous onslaught of destruction – kicks, slugs, stretches and so much more have the brunette out cold. The fight is scheduled for later but no one thinks Erika can make it to the ring after this beating, but she does. Erika is determined for revenge but Karlie comes out swinging – Erika musters all her strength and after a few blows she has Karlie down… now it’s her turn to punish. The destruction is swift and severe, with her shapely legs she kicks and squeezes, then a running clothes line has Karlie down again and Erika puts her perfect ass on Karlie’s pretty face, this is just the beginning of a whole new series of holds and blows. Ericka looks so hot in her lingerie and Karlie shows off that great body in her booty shorts and nylons – we can enjoy both beauty and destruction in this fabulous match !!!!


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