Lana Violet vs. Christina Carter


DT-1500HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 556 MB


Lana Violet and Christina Carter are old friends. They meet up for a little afternoon girl’s chat. The new gossip is about how Christina caught her roommate stealing from her so she threw her on the ground and smooshed her as a punishment. Lana begins to blush when she hears this story. “Christina, I’m nervous to tell you this, but I’m kinda’ turned on by this story,” Lana says. Christina is pleasantly surprised by this confession. She offers to fulfill Lana’s fantasy by putting her through a full smooshing session. Lana beams with excitement. Christina tells Lana to sit in front of her and then wraps her big powerful legs around Lana’s dainty waist. Christina’s immense squeezing power immediately sends Lana into a mixture of intense pain and pleasure. Lana removes her top, revealing a bright yellow bikini top. The arousal is too much for Lana to handle, as she thrusts her hand down the front of her Daisy Dukes and starts playing with herself. Christina stands Lana up and uses her large breasts to squish Lana against a wall. As Christina increases the pressure, she rubs her curvy body up and down Lana’s caramel island girl skin. Christina bear hugs Lana, picking her up off the ground, before throwing her on a bed and laying on top of her. When the smooshing session is over, Christina rolls off of Lana and the two beautiful women share a long tongue kiss together. This is a steaming hot smooshing match that you aren’t going to want to miss.