Capri Cavanni vs Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE One Wrestler Bikini, One Wrestler Topless Match

DT-1501HD/ Time: 24 Minutes / 567 MB


This video opens with Capri Cavanni handcuffed to a chair. She is wearing a black bikini and boasts one of the best bodies in the entire female fighting industry. Capri struggles to free herself. Milana Ricci strolls around Capri snickering. Milana is wearing a hot pink bikini top and the smallest pair of ripped jean shorts you will ever see. Milana has an extremely tight nubile body. She is young and new to the industry. She has captured Capri, a legend of the DT universe, and is going to make a name for herself by beating Capri to a bloody pulp. Milana sends countless left and right hooks to Capri’s chin. Capri is helpless to defend herself as her hands are still behind her back. Capri is defiant up until the moment that she is knocked out cold by Milana. Ms. Ricci begins to fondle Capri’s unconscious body. She pulls Capri’s big tits out and squeezes and twists them hard. Eventually, Capri starts moaning and coming to. She doesn’t like what she wakes up to though; Milana has a knife and is slowly tracing the tip of the knife all across Capri’s curvy body. Milana pulls a barely awake Capri out of the chair, hands still cuffed behind her back, and puts her in a head scissors. As Milana’s legs squeeze Capri’s neck, Milana vigorously fondles Capri’s perky bare tits. If you would like to watch a living work of art like Capri Cavanni be tortured while she is completely at the will of her attacker, then we can’t recommend this video enough.